Friday, December 30, 2011

Feed the Birds

It been a very easy journey from birdwatching to bird feeding.  When I began, I had a simple plastic feeder that I filled with commercial birdseed. We go through the birdseed rather quickly and I started to include some table scraps, bread and cracker crumbs, bits of fruit, cheese and that sort of thing.  I also make my own hummingbird nectar and have been rewarded by daily viewings of hummingbirds.  My buddies have also started to differentiate between different birds. 

One of the things I have learned to do is to make a suet - type bird feeder.  I save my meat fat when I cook and pour it into a can.  I line a bowl with a coffee filter and fill it with my commercial birdseed and add a few nuts or oatmeal.  Then I pour the melted fat into the birdseed mix.  You can add peanut butter to the melted fat if you don't have quite enough to make it all stick.  I put the mixture in the freezer and when it is solid I put it in a mesh bag that had held onions in another life.  Then I hang it outside for the birds to enjoy. 

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