Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Marble Run

While I was wandering through pinterest one night, I came across this fantastic ball run from a site called Apartment Therapy. I happened to have the perfect box and some wrapping paper tubes that I was saving. I was inspired to create this one for my buddies.   I had some clear tubes that I used so that my buddies would be able to see the ball travel down, and the bottom two runs are tubes cut in half so they are open.  I used hot glue to attach the tubes to the inside of the box.  The box is fairly sturdy and should hold up to some heavy use without breaking too easily.  I realized after completing it that I was without marbles (having lost mine years ago) so we made do with round coloured beads.  I gave each buddy only one bead, so they had to take care of it or they wouldn't have anything to drop down the tubes.  It was a definite hit and it kept my buddies amused for a long time.  It was well worth the making.

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