Monday, January 23, 2012

Oil and Water

Every buddy knows that oil and water don't mix.  At least, my buddies do!  But if you take oil and water and some food colouring, then add some silver glitter, you've got a pretty discovery bottle!  One of my buddies' parents gave me four round, clear, plastic bottles.  I think they used to hold bath products in a previous life.  I find that drink bottles are beginning to get too flimsy to make things for my buddies, so I love using a variety of bottles that are built a little stronger.  It was great getting four of the same kind of bottle, and  I wanted to make something fun that my buddies would enjoy.  I thought about waiting until I went shopping for some fantastic things to put inside the bottles, but I really wanted to surprise them right away.  I had to use things I had on hand.  I had oil, food colouring and sparkles (always have food colouring and sparkles!) So I put them all together and voila!

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Some of my buddies are still learning colours, so when we play with these, we talk about the colours.  I love how the sparkles float on top of the water, but beneath the oil.  When shaken, the oil and water mixes and the sparkles swirl about.

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  1. Neat! Where did you find those nifty bottles?!

    1. They were a donation, I think they used to hold bubble bath or something like that. I find that they are sturdier than the usual drink bottles, too, which is really nice for play.