Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Snow (sort of) Man

I have been waiting to do this activity with my buddies for WEEKS!  I could hardly contain myself.  A neighbour had given me a big bag of those packing peanuts.  Not the styrofoam ones, the starch-based ones that dissolve if you get them wet. 

My buddies and I were going to make a SNOWMAN!!! We don't often get the real stuff, so this would be a good substitute for a real snowman. I took a large piece of cardboard and drew a snowman on it. Then I folded the sides of the cardboard back and taped them together. This would help the snowman stand. I took a cloth (actually, it was one of those sham wow things, cause they hold a lot of moisture) and wet it, and put it on a plastic tray. I had a bucket of packing peanuts. I showed my buddies how to touch the packing peanut to the cloth and stick it INSIDE the circle. (We definitely worked on the concept of "inside" versus "outside" the circles I had drawn.)

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 Some of my smaller buddies were amazed with just letting the packing peanuts dissolve in their hands.  They could not figure out where their peanut had gone!

After the snowman was covered, I cut it out, leaving some extra cardboard on as a base, and also left some extra as arms for the snowman.

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He was looking pretty good.  Finally, we added details. Eyes, a mouth, scarf and a hat borrowed from one of my buddies completed our snowman. 

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