Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dinosaurs in the Swamp

One of the many wonderful things about working with children is that when it comes time for me to clean out my cupboards, I ALWAYS have something I can do with things that are expired or about to expire, or I just don't think we will ever actually eat. These noodles for instance.  My rule is:  If you can't remember when you bought something, you probably do not want to eat it.


I opened up the package, and I intended to break the noodles up and add them to a sensory bin that I had that was full of coloured rice, pasta shapes, etc.  But these noodles did not want to break.  They were really tough!


Instead of breaking them, I put them in a pan with some green food colouring and some cold water. I let them sit for about 10 minutes. The noodles became wonderfully soft and pliable. Nothing like cooked spaghetti.    Sort of translucent and almost plastic or rubbery feeling. I added some dinosaurs and set the pan out for play!


My buddies soon discovered this new play material and had a great time smooshing through the noodles and pulling them apart.  (N)oodles of fun for everyone!


I shared this on The Sunday Showcase!

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