Saturday, February 11, 2012

Not Time Out - Jumping Time IN

Many preschools have a place for kids to go to wind down and gain control of their emotions.  Usually it's a quiet, soothing spot for one child to sit.

My buddies don't have a spot like that.  But they do have something that, for us, works even BETTER!  I don't like to use time outs and rarely have to.  What I have found is that many times,  a child who is over-stimulared or wound up will choose to physically work off those feelings.  I think that is part of the reason my buddies are happiest playing outdoors where they can easily and safely run, jump and play off any negative feelings without turning them into problem behaviours.  Winter keeps my buddies inside more than I would like, both while the children are at daycare and when they are home with their parents.  It's understandable that my buddies seem more prone to frustrations and outbursts when they aren't getting as much outside time. 

I was very fortunate to have been given a really nice, sturdy jumping horse.  This horse has been used mulbiple times each day by many, if not all my buddies.  It is a big occasion when my youngest buddies first manage the feat of mounting the horse.  And they have to try getting on and off many times just to make sure they have it right.  They can rock vigorously, or just gently and rhythmically backward and forwards.  It's energy burning and soothing and seems to work very well to ward off many problems before they happen. 

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Yee haw!!!  Ride `em cowbuddy!

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