Thursday, March 22, 2012

Horsin' Around

My nephew called to tell me about a great project his preschool had done.  They had made hobby horses with tubes and paper bags.  What a cool idea, I thought.  He thought my buddies might like to do that, too.  It wasn't part of our current theme, but coincidentally, my buddies had been playing with the ponies that morning, so it seemed as though it was something they might have fun with. 

Since we needed stuffing for our horses heads, I had my buddies tear up some newspaper.  That was probably the most fun for them.  I'm sorry we hadn't torn paper before this.  Unfortunately, when I then gave them paper bags to stuff the newpaper into, they couldn't help themselves but keep on with the tearing.  Since they were having such fun with that, I let the paper tearing continue. I, however was still keen on the project.  I had a feeling that they would have more fun playing with the completed project more than they would have creating the project.  Looking back, my nephew is 4 years old, and my buddies that day were only 2 and 3.  The project was a bit above them, though they could have done it with my help.

When they went for their naps, I stuffed the bags, drew the faces, glued on a strip of a mane and taped on some ears.  Then taped the whole thing around the tube.

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It was still a lot of fun for them to find horses waiting for them when they woke up from their naps.  They enjoy galloping around.  (I am going to work on making a herd of hobby horses for outside.)      A sign that they are enjoying playing with them is that they are still intact after a week of play with my buddies.  Yeehaw!

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