Friday, April 13, 2012

Toast or Consequences?

I recently brought out a BIG box of kitchen toys for my buddies.  Lots and lots of food items, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and... an appliance.  A toaster actually.  This toaster has always given me a lot of grief.  It is meant to be working, working in that you could, theoretically, put a slice of play bread in it, press the lever and it would go down and supposedly it would come up again.  Theoretically speaking. 

Well, this particular toaster once belonged to my own girls.  Since my girls are now grown up women with their own real life toasters, you know it's been around a while.  I don't remember if it came with play bread slices specifically made for the toaster or not.  But I do know that pretty much anything that can be shoved into those toast slots WILL be shoved into those toast slots.  And anything that is successfully shoved into the toast slots will NOT becoming out again anytime soon.  At least, not without adult intervention.

So when my buddies discovered the ability to make things magically disappear into the toaster...(approximately 30 seconds after discovering the toaster itself), I wasn't quick to retrieve them.  They struggled to get them out, but couldn't.  They tipped the toaster upside down and shook it, they tried to put their fingers in and pull the object out... and they brought it to me.  All with no luck.  When a sympathetic mommy came to pick up one of my buddies, she was presented with the toaster dilemma.  And, being a sympathetic mommy, she painstakingly took apart the toaster (no easy task either, you have to pry the metal tabs up to pull it off the plastic base!  and retrieved the lost items.  I'm sure she wondered why I hadn't already done so. 

I don't believe in rescuing my buddies - at least not if immediate peril isn't an issue.  I do believe in letting them figure things out for themselves.  And I believe in letting them experience the consequences of their actions for a while... Like if you stick things in the toy toaster, you might not get them back if you can't figure out how to do it yourself.


And, once again, there are toys in the toaster!  I can't imagine HOW they got there.

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