Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magic Bubbles

One of the great things about being a family child care provider, for me, has been how it allowed my own children to always retain the ability to play, just simply play, well beyond the age when their friends had given up such childish things.  Though it was many years ago, I remember how they had to try out each and every new toy that I acquired for my buddies.  Wagons, scooters and even Barbie dolls were a cause of great excitement.  The giggling and goofiness that followed is a treasured memory.

It seems that the desire to play never leaves us.  I know it never left me, and when my daughter brought me this dollar store gift, I happily saw that it hasn't left her, either.


The package calls them "Plastic Balloons ". In reality, they are more like a bubble than a balloon. The skin of the bubble is very thin and irridescent - much more like a bubble. But, unlike regular bubbles, the skin of these bubbles, once dry, can be touched without popping them!  This gives them an almost magical quality.  Very fascinating and a lot of fun!

They are fairly simply to create, too.  You squeeze a bit of the gooey substance on the end of the straw and blow gently into it, just as if you were blowing a bubble. 



After blowing them, you gently pinch off the end to seal them and in a few seconds they are dry enough to touch and hold!



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