Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rooting for Celery

A while ago, I learned that you could grow celery from the bottom of celery stalks. Yay, Pinterest! I was quite fascinated by the possibility and couldn't wait to try it.

My buddies and I have grown a few things but this was something new. The next time I was cutting up our vegetables for snack, I cut off the base of the celery and I set aside the base part in a little bowl of water. The next day we planted it in one of our little pots. I covered the pot with a cut off bottom from a pop bottle, making a little greenhouse. It hasn't been very warm here so I thought it would help to give our celery a good start. And I hoped it might protect the little plant from curious little fingers.



It has only somewhat protected our plant though, as it has now been dumped twice. Once by the owners of curious, yet slightly clumsy fingers and the second time by a very clumsy cat.

 Still, though, it seems to be persevering against the odds. Go, little celery, grow! We're rooting for you!

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  1. I am visiting from It's Playtime. I had no idea that you could regrow celery. What a cool Science experiment! Thank you for sharing!