Friday, May 25, 2012

Round and Round

I have really been envying all the wonderful water walls people have created for their kids.  My buddies love water play and I know they would enjoy a water wall.  I haven't created a water wall yet, but I did come up with a fast and fun water play idea.

I had previously suspended my funnel and tube from a hook in the ceiling and my buddies loved playing with it there.  I was looking for a home that would be more long term for this apparatus.  I decided to attach it to one the support beams we have. 

I had my husband attach these holder things to the beam and place a screw at the top that the funnel part could hook onto.  I hung the funnel and wrapped the hose around the post threading them through the holders.  All the loops slow the waters travel down so that my buddies get a chance to observe its travel and sometimes even catch it at the bottom, making it even more fun than it was before!




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  1. looks like fun! thanks for sharing-frogs and snails and puppy dog tails