Thursday, May 17, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere!

My buddies, and probably yours, too, love playing in water.  And I love trying to come up with new ways of playing with it.  My wonderful husband installed a sturdy hook in the ceiling of our covered outdoor play area.  It has been so useful for many things.  This time I used it to hang a large funnel that I made from a plastic bottle and a long clear tube that I purchased at Home Depot. 


I tinted the water a light blue, and added dish soap so it was bubbly.  The colouring and the bubbles made it easier to see going through the tube.  After my buddies played for a while, I raised the height of the funnel and put the end of the tube in a pail on the ground so they could follow the water travelling a further distance.


And they were so engrossed in their play they completely forgot how much fun they have splashing each other!

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