Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Painters

I love when my buddies come up with their own creative activity ideas.  When I asked my buddies if they would like to paint on paper or outside on the bricks, one of my buddies said she'd like to paint the house. 

THE HOUSE? I thought about it.

It would have been easy to say no.  Or tell them they had to pick paper or bricks.

But I have a whole village of little tikes houses.  Five of them actually.  Surely they could paint ONE.

So, I said yes.  I mixed up the paint with some dish soap to make it easier to hose off when they were finished.


I provided medium sized brushes and put everything on a small stool near the house.  I had to make it clear that they were only allowed to paint the one house. 


And paint they did!


They painted carefully and deliberately.


And proudly showed off their handiwork!

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