Monday, July 23, 2012

Canvas Painting

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I had saved a long canvas curtain and just came across it again.  I thought it would make a perfect painting surface.  We had never painted on canvas and it was a good size for a group to work on.  I took the canvas and strung it along the back fence where we usually hang our artwork to dry.

I provided diluted paint and big paint brushes.  To begin with, I only provided red and blue, and some extra pails for colour combos.  I knew my buddies would be mixing and I wanted to avoid that muddy brown that comes from too many colours mixed together.  It was quite warm out and their paint was drying quickly.  I had expected them to run out of paint quickly but they actually took their time painting, and it was time to go in before they used it up.  There are many more colours and kinds of paint we can add, and I'd love to try our markers, too.  I will give them lots of time for this activity, at least as long as they are still interested in it, or can be enticed into trying new materials!


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