Thursday, July 5, 2012

Danger, Danger!

I came across this video the other day. 

The Benefits of Risk in Children's Play

And I decided I was going to allow my buddies to take more risks.  This was an easy decision to make.  I could see the benefits, see the logic in the thinking, knew it was the right thing to do. 

It didn't make it easy to follow through though, so I had to start with little things.


Like allowing my buddy to WALK on the wet slide, knowing it was slippery.  (But see how he is being cautious?)


Not quite cautious enough, but not hurt!


I allowed my buddy some flexibility in how she chose to ride the coaster, too. (See the excitement, the thrill of the ride?)


I allowed my not-yet-3 yr old grandson to accompany his big sister on the BIG, BIG slide...


and on the same climber his older sister climbed, with Grandpa as a safety net.  (Grandma had to climb up and slide down with him, though.)


THIS, I did not allow.  Actually, seeing this made me feel a little sick.  I didn't allow this, and the child wasn't in my care, I was just there to see it.  The child was fine, and I just needed a moment and then I was fine, too. 

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  1. This post made me chuckle. I couldn't see what was going on in the last photo at first. But I can see why you were a bit freaked out that is high! That would probably have been Goblin up there if a didn't grab him in time. We do let him take quite a few risks which has made him a great climber but he is also often covered in bruises.