Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food Disguise

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Sometimes some of my buddies can be picky about what they eat.  If I want them to try something new,  I can disguise it as something else.  They will try it if it looks familiar.  One of my buddies has never been terribly fond of eggs, for instance.  But all of my buddies will eat hot dogs. 

So, if I take a hot dog bun.  And add scrambled egg and a half slice of bacon - I have a scrambled egg and bacon dog.  It looks familiar, and they will all try it.  They can even add ketchup.  My hope is that it will encourage my buddies to be a little more open to eggs.  And trying new things in general.


The next time I serve this, I might add cheese to the scrambled eggs or a slice on top. This time, they had a simple salad of lettuce and carrots to start so vegetables were covered.  I think some green or red pepper, or perhaps green onion might be nice in the scrambled egg, too.  But as it was,  it was yummy and I love when ALL my buddies enjoy a food.

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