Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Free the Art Supplies!!!!

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A while ago it became necessary for me to put our art supplies under lockdown and heavy observation.  My buddies had become just a little too liberal with our materials.  Even crayons were wandering to places crayons ought not to be.  Never mind the art being created where art was not wanted.  Anyways, the art materials became subject to restrictions.  Rather than leaving the art materials available for my buddies to choose freely, art materials were brought to the table for group activities. 

Problem was, I prefer to let my buddies choose.  So, as a compromise, I tied crayons onto strings and taped them to the easel.  It wasn't perfect, but it worked.  My buddies could colour on the paper at the easel and the crayons stayed where they were supposed to stay.  Yay!  Not perfect, but...

This week, I brought out a set of crayon tools and set them at the easel.  There has been a lot more activity at the easel and my buddies have really enjoyed them.  And guess what?  The crayons have STAYED at the easel!!!!!!!


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