Friday, July 20, 2012

Olympic Torches

It's a rainy day with my buddies and we're not minding spending some time indoors.  We haven't been doing a lot of crafting since the weather turned nice (finally).  There was the feeling that we had to get as much out of the nice weather as we could, so we enjoyed the outdoors.

When we made those cute ladybug lanterns for mother's day, I had the empty shells of the solar lights left behind.  But I knew I would use them.  With the Olympics coming up, they were perfectly suited to become little torches. 


Our material list was easy.  The left over solar light shells, tin foil and yellow and red tissue paper.


I gave each of my buddies a strip of foil. They rolled it around the solar light shell and then squished it tight. No tape or glue!   Then we tore little strips of coloured tissue and stuffed it on top.  No scissors needed either!


That's how my buddies show their olympic pride!

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