Monday, July 9, 2012

V is for Victory Over Vegetables!

Encouraging my buddies to eat healthy food is important to me.  I have tried many different tactics to achieve this and I am quite pleased with my latest scheme to  promote the eating of vegetables.

Here's what I discovered about feeding my buddies:

- There's a better chance that all my buddies will eat, or at least try the vegetables if  I serve only vegetables alone. 

- Food looks more appealing when you are hungry.  This is as true for my buddies as it is for me.  So I serve the vegetables FIRST, when they are the most hungry.

- When I allow them to serve themselves from one plate, rather than me serving them, they will pick the vegetable they like.  Whatever they pick, it's still a vegetable.  They are more likely to eat something they themselves chose.

- My buddies will eat things they would normally reject if they aren't really thinking about it.  So if something else is going on, if they are being entertained, they will eat things that they wouldn't otherwise choose to eat.   

- My buddies will eat and try food they might reject if given ample time amd I keep quiet.  They don't really want to hear me tell them how healthy it is.  They've heard it before.  It's not that exciting anymore.

Armed with all this knowledge, I have begun serving my buddies a plate of vegetables while they watch an educational dvd.  They munch away patiently, I finish lunch preparations.  It gives them lots of time and no pressure to eat.  They enjoy their dvd and the vegetables - I enjoy being able to peacefully make them a great lunch.


They are watching Leap Frog's "Talking Words Factory".  They haven't even noticed the plate of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots on the table. 

Soon they were munching.


And crunching...


The vegetables were disappearing...


And then they were gone!  (And I served the rest of their lunch!)  Hooray, Hooray!  Victory over vegetables!

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