Monday, July 30, 2012


Pin It

I love the simplicity of watercolour painting. I love the patience that watercolour painting takes. My buddies have to dip their brush in water, then dip onto the watercolour paint, and swirl it till it softens enough to stick to the brush, and then apply it to their painting. Delayed gratification! With my buddies being quite young, they sometimes struggle with adding too much water and dissolving the paint away before they can use it. We had been working on a big canvas painting and I decided to bring the watercolours over to the canvas. Using clothespins, I pinned the paint pallettes right onto the canvas. It makes it impossible to add too much water to the paint because excess water will just drip away. It's perfect! After we perfect this technique, I think I will be able to clip a paint pallette to the indoor easel as well, without too much mess.


We love our new watercolour technique!

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