Monday, August 27, 2012

Celery Paint and Stamp

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Celery, not just for eating anymore!

Normally, my buddies eat their celery.  The last bunch of celery we bought had a lot of the feather top leaves on it.  The leaves made me think of feathers and the feathers made me think of painting and then I remembered seeing the bottom of celery being used as a stamp with some paint and... you can see where this was going.

I cut the bottom section off the celery and saved it, and I saved several of the feather top stems, too.  I put blue paint in a shallow pet food dish and set it out by our canvas. 

Celery Stamp and Paint

The pet food dish held the perfect amount of paint and made the celery brushes and stamp easily accessible. 

Celery Stamp & Paint

And the celery bottom made pretty, flowery stamps on the canvas!

Celery Flower Stamp

I think our flowers turned out really pretty, but if you want to see some beautiful ones check out Putti's World.


  1. I love that you used a big canvas and that you used even the leaves for painting:) Thanks for the link back.
    Are those red flowers on the canvas painted with pool noodles?

  2. Yes, they are pool noodles! We have done so much on this canvas. It's been such a great activity I plan to do it every year. Thanks for visiting!