Monday, September 17, 2012

Booo-tiful Shirts for Halloween

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My buddies and I are getting a jump start on our halloween wardrobes with these Trick-or-Treat footprint shirts. I had found some great fall coloured t-shirts at the dollar store and couldn't wait to personalize them with my buddies.  If you'd like to make one, too, in addition to the t-shirt, you'll need some or all of these items:

Footprint T-shirt

And you need some kids' feet. Paint the feet generously with white acrylic paint:

Footprint T-shirt

Stamp the foot print down onto the shirt.  Don't forget to line the shirt to prevent paint from going through to the back.

Footprint T-shirt

When the footprints are dry, add details and lettering:


If you have kids that don't like having their feet painted, you can do it another way. Trace their feet onto cardstock.  We used the back of a cereal box.


Cut out the footprints and trace around them onto the shirt with fabric glue.  When the footprints are dry add details and lettering.

Footprint T-shirt

Happy Halloweening!


  1. cute. one questions though - do the acrylics ash off the fabric? The last time i tried Acrylics on fabric, they went all over my husband's shirts

    1. I've never had acrylic paint wash out once it's dry. I've been using acrylic paint for years - even on aprons that get washed frequently. Check to see if your paints were really acrylic and not poster paints and to be safe, let them completely dry and then, when completely dry, stick them in the dryer for another 10 mins or so to really set them.