Thursday, October 18, 2012


Paper Frankenstein, Paper Frankenstein Monster

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Oh, how I love Halloween!  Even the crafts seem more fun.  I saw some darling Frankenstein monsters the other day on Pinterest.  They had been made from paper plates and were pretty cute, and a nice change from the pumpkins and ghosts my buddies and I usually do.  But I had only one paper plate, and three buddies to craft with. I remembered another Pinterest craft where they had used chunks of lumber to make a variety of monsters.  I realized Frankenstein didn't have to be round like a plate, in fact, he looks very good as a rectangle. 

I provided each of my buddies with a large orange sheet of construction paper, then cut a green sheet into four rectangles.  I cut out the facial features and some googly eyes, too.  You don't need a template for this, it's too easy!  I provided glue sticks for my older buddies and placed the glue on the paper for my younger buddies to add their features.  When completed we put them up and admired our work.

paper frankensteins

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