Monday, October 22, 2012

Marshmallow Playdough Skulls

Marshmallow Playdough Skulls, Edible Skulls from marshmallow playdough @mybuddiesandi

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My buddies and I couldn't wait to play with our new marshmallow playdough. It smelled so good (and tasted good too!) I knew my buddies were going to have a hard time resisting the temptation to taste and eat a little so I didn't want to give them the usual playdough tools. I had purchased some halloween molds of skulls, pumpkins, bones and fingers and this seemed to be the perfect time to bring them out. This dough was perfect for moulding. It was firm, yet pliable. And NOT STICKY! It was easy to press it firmly into the mold and then pop them out in the nicely molded shape.


You can, of course, just play with it like any other playdough, but it does seem perfectly suited for molding!  I hope you'll make some for your little goblins and ghouls!

Molded Marshmallow Playdough, Halloween shapes with marshmallow playdough @mybuddiesandi

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  1. What? How cool! My kiddos would love this to play with...and eat! :) Thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!