Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spiders and Webs Sensory Play

Spiders and Webs, Halloween Sensory Play with coloured rice noodles & plastic spiders @mybuddiesandi

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Have you tried playing with rice noodles yet? They are my favourite pasta for sensory play. No cooking is required, you can just soak them in water to soften them. If you add food colouring to your water, you have coloured noodles, too. I coloured mine orange and green for halloween and threw in some plastic spiders. I could have added other items but I wanted to keep it simple with the focus on the few things I had. I added some tongs for the children to use to pick out the spiders, although hands and fingers were welcome, too. It was, after all, a SENSORY experience!

  Spiders and Webs, Halloween Sensory Play @mybuddiesandi

Now once you've played with the spiders and "webs" for a few days, you will want to dispose of the webs and, if you're thrifty, like me, you will want to save the spiders, DO NOT do what I did and dump them in the sink, pick out the spiders and try to put the noodles through the garburator, EVEN if it seems a good idea at the time! I promise it is NOT a good idea, and will not lead you to a place of happiness.  In fact, it will most likely lead down a path of  yuck and frustration.  Don't ask, just trust me.  (Compost or trash them.)

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