Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh, Window Tree!

Window Christmas Tree
My buddies and I have our Christmas tree up and ready for play and decorating. I have a small artificial tree that my buddies like to use but I haven't brought it out yet. With our outdoor lights up, and all the Christmas crafting we have been doing, we really needed a tree. I had just removed our fall leaf tree and I thought it would be easy enough to replace it with a Christmas tree. All I did was paint a big green tree on the outside of our sliding glass door. It was perfect! Then, so that my buddies could hang decorations on the tree, I attached little suction cups to the glass. The best part of it is that it can be decorated again and again and doesn't take up any of my limited floor or wall space.  It's perfect!
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Window Christmas Tree
Even Baby Buddy got in on decorating the tree!


Window Christmas Tree
We sat down to admire our work!



  1. Inspired by your lovely tree, we made one too. Thank you for the idea