Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine Cone Ornament

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So many of the best Christmas ornaments are the ones that are the easiest for all ages to make. I LOVE that! Like the classic pine cone Christmas ornament. There might be dozens of variations, but they are all pretty easy to do. I've seen them more decorated and I have seen them left plain, too. They are great however you make them. I wanted ours to be a little dressed up so I gave my buddies some white paint, and some glitter glue to begin with.


They were really interested in their project and enjoyed the activity. The white paint wasn't showing up very well as it was drying so I made up a small quantity of the shaving cream/glue paint. It added a nice fluffy texture that looked more snowy than the paint. 


When the pine cones had dried, I used a hot glue gun to attach a pipe cleaner hanger to the top. Another ornament done and ready to hang on the tree!

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