Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Last Minute Gift

Easy to make sugar scrub

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The countdown is on and if you need another gift or two but don't have time to go and purchase supplies, this just might be the gift you need to make! My buddies were able to make these simple gifts with just a little help from me. It smells wonderful and really leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. Perhaps best of all, everyone probably has the ingredients already at home. All we used to make these was simple white sugar and bubble bath. That's it. And since you're sure to get more bubble bath for Christmas, it will soon be replaced!

2 Ingredient Sugar Scrub

Start with a small jar and fill it 2/3 to 3/4 full with sugar. Add about a tablespoon of the bubble bath and stir. Add a little more bubble bath (as needed) to create a paste-like consistency. Let sit for a while and then add a bit more sugar when it settles so that the jar has a nice full look to it. That's it! Wrap a ribbon around it, make a gift tag if you like. You could attach a little plastic spoon for easy dispensing, too.  It will need to be stirred periodically as the sugar will tend to settle.  It works wonderfully and really takes on the smell of whatever bubble bath scent you choose.  It's a gift that is sure to be a hit with moms, grandmas and aunties. If you use a masculine scented shower gel, it would be great for dads, grandpas, and uncles, too!

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