Thursday, December 6, 2012

Macaroni Wreath

Macaroni Wreath

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Doesn't this bring up memories? I think every parent who has ever had a child attend kindergarten has one of these or something similar. I felt very nostalgic making these with my buddies. If you've never made one, or been given one, you might just need to make one now. It's easy, I'll walk you through. Start with a cardboard circle. I used the back of a cereal box and cut out an imperfect donut shape. Then I spread the donut shape with glue and gave my buddies macaroni to stick on. Older kids could spread their own glue, too. When the glue dries, paint the entire wreath green. Add a bow and a ribbon for hanging and you are done!  If you want drips of red to represent berries or want to add other things to embellish your wreaths there is lots of room for creativity .

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