Tuesday, February 26, 2013

House Plant or House PET?

venus fly trap photo Plant.jpg

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Oh, my goodness, what have I DONE??? I brought this little guy home from the Home Depot thinking it would be a great little science project.   I just read the little card on the back and it seemed easy enough to care for. Fill the cup with water and plop the plant in it, put it in a sunny area. Easy, right?  Then my oldest daughter came to visit and smugly announced that I would have to FEED it.  (I think she was remembering the rule I had regarding pets when she was a child.  No pets that ate living things.)  FEED IT?  Obviously I had some research to do.  

It seems my little plant is going to be a little more work than the little card suggests.  Although I don't believe I have to actually feed it live insects (wheew, that was close!), it seems that it does not like tap water.  Really?  Hopefully I haven't already killed it because its first dose of H2O did, indeed come from the tap.  Hey, if it's good enough for the humans and pets in this house, theoretically it should be good enough for a plant! Picky thing!  Does it not know it is a PLANT?  It may have been easier to pick up and care for a fish or a hamster. Nevertheless, there I was this morning, taking a little cup outside to retrieve some rainwater that had collected in some outdoor toys.    Now, a lot of conflicting information exists on the care of the venus fly trap, so the entire project will be an experiment. 

Here's the info I found, if you'd like to try growing them yourself:

Fly Trap Care

The Mysterious Venus Fly Trap

How to Grow Venus Fly Trap

I found a great colouring picture on Ellen McHenry's site.  My buddies will be colouring these pics after their nap.  (I'm pro-colouring pages, if you haven't guessed.)  The little colouring project will go home with them and inform their parents on our activities, and hopefully spark some discussions on the topic.

I'd like to teach my buddies some simple facts about the plant.  That they eat bugs, that they come from North America (I was surprised! Specifically, North and South Carolina, actually.) and, that like other plants, that they need sun and water.  I will also introduce the word carnivorous. 


It's been almost two months since we purchased the Venus Fly Trap and I have been faithfully watering the plant with rain water and I even had my daughter feed it a captured fly.  YUCK!  The fly trap has been sitting on the window above my kitchen sink, among the orchids that grow quite nicely there.  I thought it would be happy there.   But....

As you can see, it really hasn't grown that much at all.  It doesn't look unhealthy, though, so I have decided to relocate it to the slightly sunnier window in this picture.  It does place the plant within the reach of the curious hands of my buddies so we will have to see how that goes.  I will update this post again if we see some changes.  Do wish us - or maybe it, luck!


  1. Hi Suzanne,
    My son has been asking for one of these. How is it going with yours?
    (ccare_erin from CF)

    1. Hi Erin, so nice to see you here! I updated this post and added a new pic. It hasn't grown much, but at least I haven't killed it! It hasn't been really sunny here except for the last 3 weeks and I wonder if it was dormant. Hopefully, we will see some more growth soon! Thanks for reading!