Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fireplace Hearth Safety Cover

Hearth Cover photo HearthCover.jpg
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One of the projects on my "honey do" list was this covering for my fireplace hearth.  Before it was covered, I worried about the possibility that a child could fall and hit themselves on the marble tile of the hearth and be injured. To prevent that from happening, I would place my coffee table in front of the fireplace each day.  This limited the way I could use the room and use of the coffee table was restricted as well.  I wanted a covering that could be removed but still looked attractive enough to be left on most of the time. 

Using a sheet of foam core insulation, some duct tape and adhesive vinyl floor tile, my husband constructed the covering shown in the picture.  As many home daycares are required to have their hearth covered, I thought I would share the construction process.

 photo IMG_0080.jpg

The first step was cleaning off the hearth.  An obvious step that probably didn't need a picture but I wanted to show what the original hearth looked like.

 photo IMG_0082.jpg

Then the foam measured and cut into shape for the fireplace.

 photo IMG_0083.jpg

See how the edges have been shaped to fit around the pillars?

 photo IMG_0086.jpg

Here's the foam cover, cut to size and laid in place.

 photo IMG_0087.jpg

The edges are duct taped.  Nothing is actually attached to the hearth so it is completely removable.  We rarely use the fireplace, but if we were to use it, we would remove the cover.

 photo IMG_0088.jpg

The vinyl tile is cut and put in place.  There are many different colours of tile available so you can pick something that matches your decor.

 photo IMG_0089.jpg

The covering is complete!  My buddies are safe and I don't have to keep my coffee table in front of the fireplace anymore.

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  1. Beautifully done! I personally don't have the time or the skill, but if I needed a more permanent solution I would consider something like that.