Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Artist's Corner

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My buddies were due for updated play area and I began with creating a new art area.  My buddies and I spend a great deal of time outdoors and I try to create spaces for all types of play.  Art is a favourite activity and it deserves a special place dedicated to it. 

Last year, a piece of canvas hanging on my fence gave my buddies ample opportunity to try different art experiences.  This year, in place of the canvas, I have hung a heavy plastic banner (the printed side is against the fence.)  I am sure a plastic tarp or heavy shower curtain would also work well for this.  The bonus is that this can be easily washed clean as often as needed.


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I had my husband frame the area off with landscaping ties and I put down bark mulch so that it doesn't become a mud pit.  (I would LOVE to have a little deck space there someday.)  I placed my art table in the corner and used a little tikes fence along one side and placed the play kitchen against the other making the corner a more distinct space from the rest of the yard.  I used bamboo poles to stabilize the plastic fence.  I have planted scarlet runner beans along side this area and hope to cover the poles with vines.

Until the vines grow and blossom,  to add colour, I attached hooks to the fence and hung plastic pails above the plastic banner. 

To inspire my buddies to try printing letters and numbers, 
I attached two all weather posters of the alphabet and numbers to the left of the banner. 

A water jug and bowl sit in the corner for convenient washing of paint brushes or splatters.

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I think I'm going to need a lot more paint this summer!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this outdoor art station. I wish we could have such a nice chunk of outdoor space to devote to art. You've done a lovely job defining the space and providing all the needs what with seating, water, etc..
    I also love the idea to use a heavy shower curtain or plastic tarp for outdoor painting. All we currently have is sidewalk chalk and it can just get so dull after awhile. Paint is really just more fun!

    Found you via the Sunday Showcase.

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