Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Apple Magic

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At my old house, we had an apple tree. It was getting to be an old tree but we enjoyed watching it bloom in the spring and collecting the apples in the fall to make into apple crisp and applesauce.  Sadly, all that is left of that tree is some branch blocks that I made and saved for my buddies.

Not long ago, while cutting up some apples to serve as snack, I came across these little seeds, already sprouting!  I have always envied people who have grown apple trees from seeds but was skeptical about my own ability to do it.   Here now,  were some seeds that were just crying out to grow - the job was already half done!

As I didn't have any potting soil at that time, I threw them into a pot of nasturtiums we had planted.  Sure enough, leaves were soon poking up out of the soil and we had a little tree on our hands.  I transplanted the tree into it's own little pot. 

 photo AppleSeedling1.png

To protect it and promote growth, I used a little plastic dome top to give it it's own little green house. 

 photo MiniGreenhouse.png

We're excited to see this little apple tree grow!  Do you have any growing tips?

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