Monday, July 22, 2013

Learn to Read with Letter Tiles

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A package was delivered yesterday and my buddies and I were excited to use this game.  It's called Bananagrams.  It is a zippered banana pouch containing 144 letter tiles.  What I love about these are that they are the type of item that children can use and learn and grow with.  Most of my buddies are a little young to use them to play the banagram games by the rules included BUT they are not too young to play and learn with the letter tiles. 

Several of my buddies are at the stage where they know the sounds of the letters and can identify beginning sounds of a word and tell me the letter that makes that sound.  This is the game I played with them.  I began dictating three letter spelling words that are easy to sound out; words like cat, dog, pet, sit, etc.  As I said each one, I handed the child the corresponding 3 tiles to spell the word.  Although it was a struggle at first to complete the words, by the end of the activity they were putting the letters down in order quickly.  They had learned to listen to the word as I said it, discern the letter sounds and match them, in order, to the tiles as they placed them to spell the word.  We spelled about 10 words and then went back over and read the list of words we had spelled!  It was exciting for me to see how some of my buddies who would normally struggle to sound out words were suddenly putting it all together and reading the words with an ease they had not demonstrated before.  I felt as though we were going backwards with reading.  Starting with the word spoken aloud and taking it apart sound by sound to rebuild with the letter tiles made a connection that strengthened and gave new understanding to the task of reading! I love when that happens! 

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