Thursday, July 18, 2013

Potato Play Dough

Potato Play Dough photo PlayDoughfromPotato.jpg

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Potato Play Dough was something that I had heard of quite a long time ago and was always curious to try.  We had potatoes for lunch and since I had just a few left, I thought it would be a perfect time to try it.  Using the left over boiled potatoes - approximately 2 cups, I gradually added about 2 cups of flour, making a nice soft dough.  It was quite unique in texture, softer and fluffier than most other play doughs.  The fact that it was so soft made it easy for my youngest buddy to manipulate and explore.  I love that it's completely non-toxic and unlikely to irritate even the most delicate skin.  Just perfect for baby play.  It is less suitable for long term storage or for moulding and shaping.  My buddies and I found that the longer it was played with, the stickier and softer it became.  For the baby, however, this only made it more appealing! 

Potato Play Dough photo potatoplaydough.jpg

If you haven't tried potato play dough yet, I'd recommend trying it.  It's worth the mess, especially as a sensory experience for babies!

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