Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Painted Step Stools

Personalized Painted Step Stools photo stepstools.jpg
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I came across this picture the other day and decided I'd like to take you all on a little trip down my memory lane and stop to look at some little stools bought at Ikea.  I had decided they would make great personalized Christmas gifts for some special buddies.
After building them, I painted them with different colours of paint from a collection of mis-tinted paint that I had acquired.  I then used bug stamps and acrylic craft paint to stamp on some bug prints.  I painted a row of grass along the bottom, too.  Then I clear coated the top for durability. 

My daughter helped my granddaughter make her own version of the stool too.  I think it would be a great craft project for kids to do. They could even help assemble them first, and then paint.  They were under  $5 each and are sure to be a treasured keepsake!

This one is at least six years old and used every day!

Kid Crafted Painted Stool photo KidPaintedStool.jpg

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