Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Set up photo IMG_00001165.jpg
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Ever since I saw the Coffee Shop Activity on Happy Hooligans, I had been anxious to try it. 

 I didn't have a water jug like she used, so I was patiently waiting for my laundry detergent bottle to run out. 

Recycling Empty Detergent Bottle photo IMG_00001161.jpg

 It seemed to take forever!  When it finally emptied, I rinsed it and filled it with water that I coloured with brown food colouring.

Wire Whisk photo IMG_00001164.jpg

I added accessories like a whisk and saucepan, and some plastic coffee mugs.

Pretend "Sugar" photo IMG_00001163.jpg

We had a sugar bowl filled with salt to discourage tasting, and fancy spoons for scooping and stirring.

"Foamy Milk" photo IMG_00001169.jpg

An empty foaming soap bottle was refilled with about a teaspoon or so of soap in water to make some pretend foamy milk to top their coffee, too.  It was the perfect topping for some perfect pretend play!

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