Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A-Maze-ing Fall Leaves

Fall Leaves Maze photo FallLeafCollage.jpg
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Fall is a special time of year and my buddies and I always look forward to it.  While some dread the chore of raking up leaves, my buddies and I have been known to make use of every leaf.  One year, I was able to purchase some child sized rakes and when the leaves covered the ground my buddies would take the rakes and create maze-like paths all around the yard. (If the yard doesn't look familiar to you, it was my yard in another time and place, with other buddies and way more leaves.) 

After they created the pathways, they would run, skip and ride along them.  Even my least active buddies were likely to get moving on their own pathways. And the next day, they could create all new pathways as the wind gave them a clean, leaf covered slate to work with. 

Since my new yard has only evergreens, it's not likely that we will play the leaf maze game, though I'm considering importing leaves this year ;) 

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