Thursday, October 31, 2013

5 Little Pumpkins

Paper Bag Pumpkins photo PaperBagPumpkins.png
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Happy Halloween! My buddies and I are celebrating Halloween with a lot of dress up play from my costume collection.  We also took a moment to finish up this classic Halloween craft.  If you haven't made these before, you ought to give them a try.  They're fairly simple and a lot of fun!

You simply take crumpled newspaper and stuff it into paper bags.  Twist the tops and paint the bags orange.  We left ours to dry overnight and I stuck a bit of tape around the twisted tops.  Today I provided paper curls as vines and cut outs of leaves, eyes, noses, and mouths.  We attached the vines to the stems with a stapler and glued the other pieces on.  I assisted them with the gluing process, though they probably could have managed more of the assembly themselves.  They enjoyed themselves and that was the main thing I look for in every craft we do. 

Five Little Paper Bag Pumpkins photo FivePumpkins.jpg

They'd be a cute craft to go with the "Five Little Pumpkin" rhyme, too.


Happy Halloween!

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