Monday, June 30, 2014

Modelling Clay Pictures

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As I was browsing Pinterest, I came across a picture done in modelling clay. It reminded me of work done by the Canadian author/illustrator, Barbara Reid. I admit that modelling clay is not my favourite material, but this activity really caught my interest. Childhood 101 reminded me that modelling clay could be used in ways other than the traditional sculpting and moulding. You can see the post. Check out this post for inspiration : Modelling Clay Pictures

When my grandchildren last visited, I gave them the clay and showed them how they could use it to make pictures.  My 4 year old grandson sat down and made alphabet letters with his modelling clay.  My 7 year old granddaughter used a foil take out container lid as a base to create her picture.  She carefully added clay, piece by piece until her picture was complete.  

If your children are interested in modelling clay art (or Plasticine art), they would definitely enjoy looking at Barbara Reid's books. Her illustrations done in modelling clay (plasticine) are amazing and beautiful.  Visit her site here:  Barbara Reid  And then, get creating!  

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