Monday, July 7, 2014

Counting Carrots

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It was early in the spring and my buddies and I had filled our pots with dirt and planted some seeds.  My buddies loved the dirt and I knew it was going to be hard to wait for the seeds to sprout. I also knew they would find the pots of dirt irresistable.  Dirt and kids are made for each other, right?    I took some of the left over dirt from our planting and poured it into our water table. I had purchased some little carrot candy holders from the dollar store. I emptied them and stuck the carrots into the dirt. Then I waited for my buddies to discover this activity on their own.

 photo kidsandcarrots-1.jpg

It didn't take them long before they located buckets and garden tools. They got to digging and pulling up their carrots. I threw in a little math and had them count the carrots they dug up, too. They enjoyed replanting their carrots as much as they enjoyed pulling them. I enjoyed how easy and inexpensive this activity was to set up. And I loved watching them have fun while learning, too.  We are sure to do this activity again.

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