Thursday, July 17, 2014

Multi-Sensory Snack

Mandarin orange snack, Mandarin orange wedges at room temp, and refridgerated

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Knowing that my buddies learn through their senses, I like to add in an extra sense when I can.  When you think of food, you might just think of the sense of taste.  But there are other senses that can be experienced, too.  I like to give their senses an extra challenge. Sometimes, when serving our snacks, I will serve the same item at two different temperatures. Most fruit is perfect for this, today we had mandarin oranges. They were perfect on our sectioned plates and my buddies could sort through which were cold and which were warm (at room temperature). It was a fun addition to snack time, and added a little extra learning. 


Next time you serve snack, think about more than taste.  Think texture, temperature, colour, and even scent.  Try different colours of apples or grapes, try potatoes cooked in different ways - baked or mashed, try cheeses melted or cubed, and try one of our favourites - frozen veggies!  Corn and peas are the best!  I've even found kids who won't eat veggies at all will eat them frozen.  Let me know if you try something new!

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