Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fashion vs Function

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It's that time of year again when I know that parents are shopping for kid's clothing. Some of the clothes are just irresistable and you just can't help but purchase them. I ought to know, I'm a grandma!  And Grandmas can't resist shopping for the grandkids!

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Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I know that some of the cutest outfits are just not child-friendly.  You have to look at the function of the clothing.  What is it's specific purpose?  If the clothing's only purpose is to look cute you've got a big selection to choose from.  But, if your children are anything at all like my buddies, they require more from their clothing.

  • My buddies are always busy.  They need clothing that is comfortable and safe.  Nothing should be too tight or pinching.  Footwear should be comfortable and secure.  Shoes that fall off easily are a tripping hazard and there's no fun in that.
  • My buddies want to be independent.  They need clothing that is manageable.  Velcro is a friend!  Elastic is an ally.  Snaps, ties and tiny buttons are not your friend when you are 2 and struggling to put on your clothes.  You want to join your friends already at play and you've already said "ME do" 20 times today and the daycare lady is helping the baby so if you have to wait for her help you aren't going to be first to get to your favourite toy.  <GASP!>  No lace up shoes, Mom and Dad, please, at least not until I can tie laces myself! 
  • My buddies move from active to quiet activities and can easily become cold or hot.  They need clothing that layers, so they can easily add or remove pieces.  Layers work well with our ever changing weather, too.
  • My buddies work hard and play hard.  They get dirty.  Often.  They need clothing that is washable.  I don't like ruining my buddies' clothing, but I know it happens.  When it does, I hope it's not the irreplaceable shirt that the favourite auntie bought for my buddy to wear on special occasions.  Keep that one safe at home, please.
  • My buddies are exceptionally cute.  They don't need all the extra accessories in order to be cute.  Remember this when adding the belts, hair accessories, hats and scarves and the like.  These items are often taken off and are hard to keep track of.  If these items don't have a function, they may be a nuisance that only serves to impede playing and learning.
Hope these tips have been as helpful to you as following them is to children!  If you have any of your own tips I'd love to hear them!

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