Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Chocolate Playdough

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My buddies and I have a beautiful chocolate playdough to share with you.  I found the recipe here: Valentine Heart Chocolate Playdough/Pre-KPages and quickly made up a batch.  I always use a skillet to make any cooked playdough recipes - they seem to cook faster and that means we can get to playing sooner.  

I have to tell you this is one of the nicest playdough recipes that I have made in a while. The texture is super smooth and soft.  The smell is fantastic and mine came out a very rich dark brown colour.  My grandchildren enjoyed helping make this one on the weekend.   They helped put all the ingredients into the skillet and mix them up before I put it on the stove. They are now old enough to be by the stove with me so they were able to stir and watch it form.  We all enjoyed the chocolatey smell!

After it was cool they played with it for a bit and then we sealed it up in a plastic container where I keep it on a shelf with a selection of playdough rollers, cutters, stamps, and extruders.  We also use trays when we play with playdough, just to help contain it and minimize the amount that falls on the floor. 

If you're looking for some great playdough for Valentine's Day or any day, this is a great one!

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