Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Easy Easter Basket Art

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I had seen a great activity for kids with a printable Easter basket that the kids could use fingers to print eggs with paint. I pinned it and planned on using the free printable with my buddies. If you'd like to use the printable, you can find it at Crafty Morning : Fingerprint Easter Craft.  

Suddenly, Spring Break was here. On one busy day, I was breaking up some cereal boxes for recycling and I decided I would like to use the boxes for painting. I love using this heavier paper for painting because it holds up so well.  I remembered the fabulous activity I had seen on Crafty Morning.  

I cut my boxes into sheets of cardboard, and I ended up with quite a few pieces, of various sizes. I couldn't put the cardboard through my printer so I simply drew baskets onto them.  Obviously, I'm no artist, but my buddies are not judgemental. :)

My buddies really enjoyed this activity and they each worked in their own way.  For some, it was primarily a sensory activity and they simply enjoyed smearing the paint and mixing the colours. Some stamped their fingerprints into the baskets making perfect little coloured eggs.  My granddaughter took it a step further and made her basket into a stand-up decoration.

I really enjoy providing only the basic ideas for activities and then allowing my buddies to take it from there.  Having buddies of varying ages means they all have different abilities, too.  Allowing them freedom means that they are able to confidently work at their own level. They often come up with ideas that are far more creative than I had intended and it's fun for everyone!  

 photo Easter Bunny amp basket.png

I hope you enjoyed this idea & that it's inspired you, too! 

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