Friday, March 20, 2015

Online Story Sites

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I love books and own many of them. Enough that my husband and certain family members have politely suggested that I might own too many books, most especially children's books. I'm not sure that it is possible to own too many books of any kind. I will certainly agree that my book storage space is much, much too small! 

I've just rejoined Scholastic Book Club, and I know space is really going to be an issue, I'm going to have to make some room if I want to bring in new books.  Though it is hard letting go of my books, I'm thankful that my local library has tons of books for borrowing.  It's important to me that my buddies have a lot of exposure to a variety of stories.  I want them to be familiar with the classic stories and also many of the new and popular stories.  

It's easier to let go of  books when I know I will still have access to a large variety of stories.  Of course, we will keep using the library, but I have also discovered several online sites that offer stories. Some have only the print and you read them aloud, and some are read aloud for you. Though I like reading aloud, I also like hearing how others read.

Here's a list of the FREE sites I have found:  

  1. Storyline Online - A lovely site where you can watch and listen to famous people read stories.
  2. Just Books Read Aloud - A great selection of over 600 stories read aloud.
  3. Unite for Literacy - this site offers stories in several languages
  4. Ready Teacher - A very small collection of only 8 stories
  5. Read to Me - Celebrities reading stories 
  6. We Give Books - A wonderful selection of books that you can read to children and each time you do, you can help the organization donate a book to charity.  
  7. Tumblebooks - This site is a paid subscription site BUT with a library card, many of you can probably access it for free!
  8. StoryNory - Some original stories on this site
  9. Oxford Owl - You do have to register to use this site but the you have access to 250 stories!
  10. Magic Keys - Stories for all ages, some with audio.
  11. iStorybooks - A welcoming site that asks your name at the beginning of the story.
  12. I'll Tell You a Story - Some stories with audio, and some with video, and with registration you can submit a story.

I'm sure there are probably more story sites out there that I haven't discovered yet.  I hope you'll share any that you find with me.


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