Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Homemade Blocks

Homemade Blocks - A village created from homemade blocks decorated by kids photo Homemade Blocks 3.png

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Most projects have beginnings and endings but this one is one that we started and seem to keep working on.  My husband had a box of scrap wood pieces left over and he asked if I could use them with my buddies.  He's just beginning to figure me out ;)  OF COURSE I could use them with my buddies!

We have been colouring on them with markers and crayons, writing on them with chalk and we've painted them, too.  We've sanded the rough edges a bit, but they could still use some more work.

Homemade Blocks - building and stacking photo Homemade Blocks 1.png

In between the painting, colouring and sanding, there has been some building.  They've been stacked as towers and even built into a great city.  This as been another great multi-age activity that all my buddies aged 2 to 8 could feel successful at.

Homemade blocks - colouring with chalk photo Homemade Blocks 2.png

We're going to keep at it for a while and when they seem to be done adding to them, I think I would like to add a protective coating. We'll be using them outdoors so I'd like to help make them last a little longer.  

Homemade Wooden Blocks photo Homemade Blocks 4.png

Wooden Blocks - made from scrap wood, decorated by kids photo Wooden Blocks.png

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