Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Simple Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Easy to make, chocolate chip pancakes!  A hit with kids & grandkids everywhere! photo Chocolate Chip Pancakes.png

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When the grandchildren visit, they like to have pancakes in the morning. Unfortunately for them, their grandma isn't really a morning person. I'm not likely to spring out of bed on a weekend and throw together some fancy pancake concoction that would make Martha Stewart proud. Fortunately for them, I am crazy about them and love to see them happy. Fortunately for me, that's pretty easy.

Here's my trick: I have them make the pancakes AND I use a mix.  Just add chocolate chips.  They do the measuring and the mixing and the pouring and the stirring.  All I do is fry them up. And serve. They think they're the best pancakes in the world. I think they are the easiest pancakes in the world.  And if we're feeling really fancy-schmancy, we add whipped cream and caramel or chocolate syrup.  Maybe Martha would be proud. Nah...probably not.

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