Saturday, April 4, 2015

Upcycled Denim Easter Basket

Upcycled Denim Easter Basket photo Easter Basket 2.png
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If you're tired of the usual Easter baskets, I found a cute and easy basket you can make out of a discarded pair of jeans.  I had found a cute tutorial for some denim baskets and pinned it to my craft board without really knowing what I'd do with it.

I don't like most of the baskets available at Easter.  I wanted something a little more crafty for the grandkids and then I remembered the ones I had pinned.  I thought they'd be perfect.  I had a pair of jeans ready to be upcycled, too.

I followed the tutorial on Hometalk to make the denim baskets.  I didn't have any modge podge for the flowers and I was looking for something a little less complicated, so I made mine differently.

Denim Flowers photo Easter basket flower.png
Denim Flowers

I took a piece of denim and brushed a thinned solution of tacky glue over the surface.  After it had completely dried, I traced 5 large circles and one smaller circle with a permanent marker.  I cut the circles out and placed the large circles in an overlapping circular pattern.  I used my hot glue gun to stick the smaller circle onto the middle of the flower.  Then I flipped it over and glued the back flower petals together to hold them in place a little better.  I had a little flower button that I used to sew in the middle and also sew the flower onto the denim basket.  

Upcycled Denim Easter Basket photo Easter basket.png

I think they turned out pretty cute. The grandkids were pleased to find their Easter baskets and hopefully they will find a use for the basket once the chocolate and candy is gone.

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