Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gnome Homes

Gnome Homes - an alternative to fairy gardens photo Gnome Homes.png

While fairy gardens seem to be all the rage, at my house we do things a little differently. I have a window box in front of my house that is mostly hidden by a shrub.  You can't see it except when you're inside the house.  It gets very little sun and no rain so it's really hard to grow things in it.

I thought it would be fun to build a fairy garden, but I didn't have any fairies.  I did have gnomes, though.  And I had a bird house and a few garden ornaments.  I mainly used what I had lying around but I did pick up some moss to make a base.  

The most complex part of this gnome home was making the little well.  I used a tin can and glued craft sticks around it.  The roof is bent cardboard from a cereal box, and each shingle was cut from the same cardboard.  I painted a little medicine cup with silver paint and put a wire handle on it.  Voila!  Well.  It was perfect for the climbing gnome to be coming out of.  (The gnomes were intended to be in planters.)

Gnome Home photo Gnome Home B.png

I painted up a bird house, too, and used craft sticks to make a door and enhance a window. 

Gnome Home photo Gnome Home A.png

I had a mushroom garden ornament that seemed to be the right size so it got a fresh coat of paint, too. I eventually added a pathway of little square tiles, a fence of craft sticks and little artificial flowers that I cut from stems from the dollar store.  

Gnome Home photo Gnome Home C.png

I love that it's kind of a secret waiting to be discovered when they look out the window. Like a secret garden - but without the trying to keep plants alive without proper sun or water!


  1. Very cute! I love it. I love how creative you were and how you used that space.

    1. Aw, thanks Deborah. It was fun to make - I don't do a whole lot of crafts but I do enjoy the ones I do!

  2. These look really cute. I think you've made great Gnome Homes . :)